Journal Solar-Terrestrial Physics. Vol. 5, Iss. 2, 2019

Материал из ISTP SB RAS.

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Chengming Tan, Baolin Tan, Yihua Yan, Wei Wang, Linjie Chen, Fei Liu, Yujiang Dou. Fine structure events in microwave emission during solar minimum 3-8 pdf
Leonovich A.S., Zong Q.-G., Kozlov D.A., Wang Y.F. Alfvén waves in the magnetosphere generated by shock wave / plasmapause interaction. 9-14 pdf
Lunyushkin S.B., Mishin V.V., Karavaev Yu.A., Penskikh Yu.V., Kapustin V.E. Studying the dynamics of electric currents and polar caps in ionospheres of two hemispheres during the August 17, 2001 geomagnetic storm 17-29 pdf
Dali Yang, Tiemin Zhang, Jihong Wang, Jianqing Wu, Linmao Wang, Xu Zou, Hongyan Peng. Characteristics of double sodium layer over Haikou, China (20.0° N, 110.1° E) 28-32 pdf
Leonovich L.A., Tashchilin A.V., Lunyushkin S.B., Karavaev Yu.A., Penskikh Yu.V. Studying 630 nm atomic oxygen emission sources during strong magnetic storms in the night mid-latitude ionosphere 33-38 pdf
Beletskii A.B., Rakhmatulin R.A., Syrenova T.Ye., Vasilev R.V., Mikhalev A.V., Pashinin A.Yu., Shiokawa K., Nishitani N. Preliminary results of simultaneous recording of auroral and geomagnetic pulsations at the ISTP SB RAS station Istok 39-44 pdf
Sha Li, Yihua Yan, Zhijun Chen, Wei Wang. Comparing simulated results of folded and unfolded log-periodic antenna used for observing the Sun 45-49 pdf
Jun Cheng, Yihua Yan, Dong Zhao, Long Xu. Scale sequentially CLEAN for Mingantu Spectral Radioheliograph 50-57 pdf

The International Workshop “Eruptive energy release processes on the Sun and stars: origins and effects”.

October 10–12, 2018. Institute of Solar-Terrestrial Physics SB RAS, Irkutsk, Russia

Zhenghua Huang, Bo Li, Lidong Xia. Observations of small-scale energetic events in the solar transition region: explosive events, UV bursts, and network jets 58-68 pdf

Articles not related to materials of conferences

Petukhova A.S., Petukhov S.I. Toroidal models of magnetic field with twisted structure 69-75 pdf
Smirnov V.M., Smirnova E.V. Ionospheric effects of two solar flares in the maximum of solar cycle 23 and in the minimum of solar cycle 24 76-80 pdf
Dmitrienko I.S. Second-order perturbations in Alfvén waves in cold plasma approximation 81-87 pdf
Lunyushkin S.B., Penskikh Yu.V. Diagnostics of auroral oval boundaries on the basis of the magnetogram inversion technique 88-100 pdf


Zakharov V.I., Pilipenko V.A., Grushin V.A., Khamidullin A.F. Impact of typhoon Vongfong 2014 on the ionosphere and geomagnetic field according to Swarm satellite data: 1. Wave disturbances of ionospheric plasma 101-108 pdf
Kushnarenko G.P., Yakovleva O.E., Kuznetsova G.M. Electron density in the F1 layer over Norilsk in 2007–2014 109-112 pdf
Kushnarenko G.P., Yakovleva O.E., Kuznetsova G.M. Geomagnetic disturbances at F1-layer heights under different solar activity conditions over Norilsk 113-115 pdf
Lopteva L.S., Kushtal G.I., Proshin V.A., Skomorovsky V.I., Firstov S.V., Khimich V.A., Chuprakov S.A. Chromospheric K CaII telescope of Baikal Astrophysical Observatory. New light 116-128 pdf
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