Электронные публикации-2011 год

Материал из ISTP SB RAS.

1. Grechnev V.V., Afanasyev A.N., Uralov A.M., Chertok I.M., Eselevich M.V., Eselevich V.G., Rudenko G.V., Kubo Y. Coronal Shock Waves, EUV Waves, and Their Relation to CMEs. III. Shock-Associated CME/EUV Wave in an Event with a Two-Component EUV Transient - http://arxiv.org/abs/1104.3375.
2. Grechnev V.V., Uralov A.M., Chertok I.M., Kuzmenko I.V., Afanasyev A.N., Meshalkina N.S., Kalashnikov S.S., Kubo Y. Coronal Shock Waves, EUV waves, and Their Relation to CMEs. I. Reconciliation of "EIT waves", Type II Radio Bursts, and Leading Edges of CMEs – http: //arxiv.org/abs/ 1104.3374
3. Kuznetsov A.A., Nita G.M., Fleishman G.D., 3D simulations of gyrosynchrotron emission from mildly anisotropic nonuniform electron distributions in symmetric magnetic loops// arXiv:1108.5150v1, http://arxiv.org/abs/1108.5150v1.
4. Reznikova V. E., Shibasaki K., Sych R. A., Nakariakov V. M. Three-minute oscillations above sunspot umbra observed with SDO/AIA and NoRH// 2011arXiv1109.5434R.
5. Rudenko G. V., Anfinogentov S. A. Super Fast and Quality Azimuth Disambiguation // 2011arXiv1104.1228R.
6. Skomorovsky V.I., Trifonov V.D., Mashnich G.P., Zagaynova Yu.S., Fainshtein V.G., Kushtal G.I., Chuprakov S.A. Characteristic features of the solar corona during the eclipse of 1 August 2008 // arXiv:1105.0779, 2011.
7. Sych R., Zaqarashvili T. V., Nakariakov V. M., Anfinogentov S.A., Shibasaki K., Yan Y. Frequency drifts of 3-min oscillations in microwave and EUV emission above sunspots// 2011arXiv1110.2556S.
8. Tan Baolin, Yan Yihua, Tan Chengming, Sych Robert, Gao Guannan. Microwave Zebra Pattern Structures in the X2.2 Solar Flare on Feb 15, 2011 // 2011arXiv1109.5765T.
9. Zharkova V.V., Meshalkina N.S., Kashapova L.K., Kuznetsov A.A., Altyntsev A.T. Diagnostics of electron beam properties from the simultaneous hard X-ray and microwave emission in the 10 March 2001 flare // 2011arXiv:1105.3508v2.
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