Journal Solar-Terrestrial Physics. Vol. 6, Iss. 4, 2020

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Journal Solar-Terrestrial Physics. Vol. 6, Iss.4, 2020

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Grigoryev V.M., Ermakova L.V., Khlystova A.I. Asymmetry in occurrence of the leading and following polarities in the photospheric magnetic field at the early stage of active region formation 3-9 pdf
Turova I.P., Grigoryeva S.A., Ozhogina O.A. Spatial and temporal variations of K CA II line profile shapes in different structures of the solar chromosphere. II. Determination technique and correlation relationships between the K CA II line parameters for K1 and K2 features 10-16 pdf
Nekrasov A.K., Pilipenko V.A. MHD waves in the collisional plasma of the solar corona and terrestrial ionosphere 17-23 pdf
Parkhomov V.A., Eselevich V.G., Eselevich M.V., Dmitriev A.V., Suvorova A.V., Vedernikova T.I. Classification of

magnetospheric responses to interaction with diamagnetic structures of slow solar wind

24–36 pdf
Zverev A.S., Grigoryev V.G., Gololobov P.Yu., Starodubtsev S.A. Real-time monitoring of cosmic ray anisotropy parameters

and short-term forecasting of geomagnetic disturbances

37–39 pdf
Lazutin L.L. Increases in SCR energetic proton fluxes on Earth and their relation to solar sources. 40–43 pdf
Kotova G.A., Verigin M.I., Gombosi T., Kabin K. Analytical model of the planetary bow shock for various magnetic field directions based on MHD calculations 44-49 pdf
Makarov G.A. Geometric factor in seasonal variations of daily average values of the geomagnetic index Dst 50-56 pdf
Penskikh Yu.V. Applying the method of maximum contributions to the magnetogram inversion technique 57-65 pdf
Afanasiev N.T., Chudaev S.О. Diagnostics of the stochastic ionospheric channel in the decameter band of radio waves 66-73 pdf
Borchevkina O.P., Karpov I.V., Karpov M.I., Korenkova N.A., Vlasov V.I., Leshchenko V.S. Impact of meteorological storms on the E-region of the ionosphere in 2017–2018 74-79 pdf
Guglielmi A.V., Klain B.I., Kurazhkovskaya N.A. Earthquakes and geomagnetic disturbances 80–83 pdf
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