Journal Solar-Terrestrial Physics. Vol. 5, Iss. 4, 2019

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Journal Solar-Terrestrial Physics. Vol. 5, Iss.4, 2019

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Borovik A.V., Zhdanov A.A. Processes of energy release in low-power solar flares 3-9 pdf
Krainev M.B. Manifestations of two branches of solar activity in the heliosphere and GCR intensity 10-20 pdf
Ivanov E.F., Gubin A.V., Lesovoi S.V., Ramses Zaldivar Estrada. Solar spectropolarimeter for space weather forecast 21-26 pdf
Fedotova A.Yu., Altyntsev A.T., Kochanov A.A., Lesovoi S.V., Meshalkina N.S. Calibration of Siberian Radioheliograph images 27-33 pdf
Parkhomov V.A., Eselevich V.G., Eselevich М.V., Dmitriev A.V., Vedernikova T.I. Diamagnetic plasmoids as part of diamagnetic structures of the slow solar wind and their impact on Earth's magnetosphere 34-45 pdf
Zotov O.D., Klain B.I., Kurazhkovskaya N.A. Influence of the b solar wind parameter on statistical characteristics of the Ap index in the solar activity cycle 46-52 pdf
Koval A.V. Statistically significant estimates of influence of solar activity on planetary waves in the middle atmosphere of the Northern Hemisphere as derived from MUAM model data 53-59 pdf
Stepanov A.E., Kobyakova S.E., Khalipov V.L. Fast subauroral drifts of ionospheric plasma according to data from Yakut meridional chain of stations 60-65 pdf
Mikhalev A.V. Mid-latitude aurora in solar cycles 23–24 from observations in the south of Eastern Siberia 66-73 pdf
Martines-Bedenko V.A., Pilipenko V.A., Zakharov V.I., Grushin V.A. Influence of the Vongfong 2014 hurricane on the ionosphere and geomagnetic field as detected by SWARM satellites: 2. Geomagnetic disturbances 74-80 pdf
Akhmetov O.I., Mingalev I.V., Mingalev O.V., Suvorova Z.V., Belakhovsky V.B., Chernyakov S.M. Determination of ELF-wave characteristics most strongly reacting to minor changes of ionospheric electron density in a high-latitude region 81-90 pdf
Mukasheva S.N., Kapytin V.I., Malimbayev A.M. Variations of ionospheric parameters over Almaty (Kazakhstan) in 1999–2013 91-96 pdf
Korobtsev I.V., Mishina M.N. Optical observations of small spacecraft and space debris at ISTP SB RAS Sayan Observatory 97-100 pdf
Podlesnyi A.V., Naumenko A.A., Cedrik M.V. Estimating antenna coupling factor for problem of topside ionosphere sounding from space with using chirp signals 101-107 pdf
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