Journal Solar-Terrestrial Physics. Vol. 5, Iss. 3, 2019

Материал из ISTP SB RAS.

Journal Solar-Terrestrial Physics. Vol. 5, Iss.3, 2019

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Muratova N.O., Muratov A.A., Kashapova L.K. Results of work of new spectropolarimeter for solar radio emission observations in the range 50–500 MHz 3–9 pdf
Minasyants G.S., Minasyants T.M., Tomozov V.M. Features of development of sustained fluxes of high-energy gamma-ray emission at different stages of solar flares 10–17 pdf
Borovik А.V., Golovko А.А., Polyakov V.I., Тrifonov V.D., Yazev S.А. Solar activity research at the Baikal Astrophysical Observatory of ISTP SB RAS 18–28 pdf
Eselevich V.G. Diamagnetic structures as a basis of quasi-stationary slow solar wind 29–41 pdf
Erofeev D.V. Effect of large-scale inhomogeneity of solar wind velocity on distribution of directions of interplanetary magnetic field vector 42–53 pdf
Lukovnikova A.A., Aleshkov V.M., Lysak A.S. Observing the neutron component during thunderstorm activity at a mountain CR station 54–58 pdf
Barkhatov N.A., Revunova E.A., Romanov R.V., Barkhatova O.M., Revunov S.E. Studying the relationship of localization parameters of solar sources of magnetic clouds with their characteristics and substorm activity 59–67 pdf
Maurchev E.A., Balabin Yu.V., Germanenko A.V., Mikhalko E.A., Gvozdevsky B.V. Calculating the ionization rate induced by GCR and SCR protons in Earth’s atmosphere 68–74 pdf
Korsunskaja J.А. Heuristic model of solar X-ray spectrum according to satellite data for geophysical applications 75–86 pdf
Guglielmi A.V., Potapov A.S. Problems of the Pc1 magnetospheric wave theory. A review 87–92 pdf
Grigoryev V.G., Starodubtsev S.A., Gololobov P.Yu. Monitoring of geomagnetic disturbances using the global survey method in real time 93–97 pdf
Gubenko V.N., Kirillovich I.A. Modulation of sporadic E layers by small-scale atmospheric waves in Earth’s high-latitude ionosphere 98–108 pdf
Mikhalev A.V., Beletsky A.B., Vasilyev R.V., Eselevich M.V., Ivanov K.I., Komarova E.S., Podlesnyi A.V., Podlesny S.V., Syrenova T.E. Long-lived meteor trails 109–116 pdf
Polekh N.M., Chernigovskaya M.A., Yakovleva O.E. On the formation of the F1 layer during sudden stratospheric warming events 117–127 pdf
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