Journal Solar-Terrestrial Physics. Vol. 4, Iss. 4, 2018

Материал из ISTP SB RAS.

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Turova I.P., Grigoryeva S.A., Ozhogina O.A. Spatial and temporal variations of Ca II K line profile shapes in different structures of solar chromosphere. I. Features of individual profiles 3-11 pdf
Chelpanov A.A., Chelpanov M.A., Kobanov N.I., Sotnikova R.T. Comparing the main oscillation characteristics in the solar chromosphere and magnetosphere based on studies made in ISTP SB RAS 12-18 pdf
Kichigin G.N. Ion dynamics in magnetosonic shock front 19-25 pdf
Ratovsky K.G., Klimenko M.V., Klimenko V.V., Chirik N.V., Korenkova N.A., Kotova D.S. After-effects of geomagnetic storms: statistical analysis and theoretical explanation 26-32 pdf
Polyakov A.R. Detecting groups of equidistant frequencies in spectra of geomagnetic pulsations 33-41 pdf
Mikhalev A.V., Beletsky A.B., Vasilyev R.V., Zherebtsov G.A., Podlesny S.V., Tashchilin M.A., Artamonov M.F. Spectral and photometric characteristics of mid-latitude auroras during the magnetic storm of March 17, 2015 42-47 pdf
Yasyukevich A.S., Klimenko M.V., Kulikov Yu.Yu., Klimenko V.V., Bessarab F.S., Korenkov Yu.N., Marichev V.N., Ratovsky K.G., Kolesnik S.A. Changes in the middle and upper atmosphere parameters during the January 2013 sudden stratospheric warming 48-58 pdf
Karakhanyan A.A., Molodykh S.I. Spatial distribution of temperature during geomagnetic disturbances 59-62 pdf
Yasyukevich Yu.V., Vesnin A.M., Perevalova N.P. SibNet — Siberian Global Navigation Satellite System Network: Current state 63-72 pdf
Sorokin A.G., Klyuchevskii А.V., Demyanovich V.M. Generation of infrasonic signals during earthquakes under Lake Hovsgool (Northern Mongolia) on December 5, 2014 73-81 pdf
Lesovoi S.V., Kobets V.S. Simulating Siberian Radioheliograph response to the quiet Sun 82-87 pdf
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