Journal Solar-Terrestrial Physics. Vol. 4, Iss. 3, 2018

Материал из ISTP SB RAS.

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Borovik A.V., Zhdanov A.A. Distribution of low-power solar flares by brightness rise time 3-12 pdf
Fedotova A.Yu., Altyntsev A.T., Kochanov A.A., Lesovoi S.V., Meshalkina N.S. Observation of eruptive events with the Siberian Radioheliograph 13-19 pdf
Makarov G.A. Heliolatitude regularities of magnetically disturbed days with daily average geomagnetic index Dst<–100 nT 20-23 pdf
Setov A.G., Globa M.V., Medvedev A.V., Vasilyev R.V., Kushnarev D.S. First results of absolute measurements of solar flux at the Irkutsk Incoherent Scatter Radar (IISR) 24-27 pdf
Zolotukhina N.A., Kurkin V.I., Polekh N.M. Ionospheric disturbances over East Asia during intense December magnetic storms of 2006 and 2015: similarities and differences 28-42 pdf
Prikner K., Feygin F.Z., Khabazin Yu.G. Research into connection between spectral resonance structures and harmonics of ionospheric Alfvén resonator 43-45 pdf
Rakhmatulin R.A., Pashinin A.Yu. Polarization dynamics of Pi2 pulsations at midlatitudes during development of substorms in the auroral zone 46-51 pdf
Parkhomov V.A., Borodkova N.L., Yahnin A.G., Tero Raita, Tsegmed B., Khomutov S.Yu., Pashinin A.Yu., Chilikin V.E., Mochalov A.A. Magnetospheric response of two types in PSc geomagnetic pulsations to interaction with interplanetary shock waves 52-66 pdf
Bekker S.Z. Analysis of electron density calculations using deterministic-probabilistic model of the ionospheric D-region 67-75 pdf
Yanchukovsky V.L., Kuzmenko V.S. Atmospheric effects of the cosmic-ray mu-meson component 76-82 pdf
Ilyin N.V., Bubnova T.V., Grozov V.P., Penzin M.S., Ponomarchuk S.N. Real-time forecast of MUF for radio paths from current data obtained from oblique sounding with continuous chirp signal 83-91 pdf
Khakhinov V.V. Receiving antenna electrodynamic model in terms of waveguide representation of HF field 92-95 pdf
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