Journal Solar-Terrestrial Physics. Vol. 2, Iss. 4, 2016

Материал из ISTP SB RAS.

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Maurchev E.A., Balabin Yu.V. RUSCOSMIC — the new software toolbox for detailed analysis of cosmic ray interactions with matter 3–10 pdf
Boroyev R.N. Correlation between auroral activity and rate of development of a storm in its main phase 11–15 pdf
Potapov A.S., Dovbnya B.V., Baishev D.G., Polyushkina T.N., Rakhmatulin R.A. Narrow-band emission with 0.5 to 3.5 Hz varying frequency in the background of the main phase of the 17 March 2013 magnetic storm 16–30 pdf
Zolotukhina N.A., Kurkin V.I., Polekh N.M., Romanova E.B. Backscattering dynamics during intense geomagnetic storm as deduced from Yekaterinburg radar data: 17–22 March 2015 31–54 pdf
Kim А.G., Ponomarchuk S.N., Kotovich G.V., Romanova E.B. Modeling z-shaped disturbance at the Pedersen ray of oblique sounding ionogram using adaptation of IRI to experimental data 55–69 pdf
Golikov I.A., Gololobov A.Yu., Popov V.I. Modeling the electron temperature distribution in F2 region of high-latitude ionosphere for winter solstice conditions 70–80 pdf
Kotova D.S., Klimenko M.V., Klimenko V.V., Zakharov V.E., Bessarab F.S., Korenkov Yu.N. Influence of January 2009 stratospheric warming on HF radio wave propagation in the low-latitude ionosphere 81–93 pdf
Tashchilin A.V., Leonovich L.A. Modeling nightglow in atomic oxygen red and green lines under moderate disturbed geomagnetic conditions at midlatitudes 94–106 pdf
Beletsky A.B., Mikhalev А.V., Khakhinov V.V., Lebedev V.P. Optical effects produced by running onboard engines of low-earth-orbit spacecraft 107–117 pdf
Kushnarenko G.P., Yakovleva O.E., Kuznetsova G.M. Long-term variations in the neutral gas composition of the thermosphere over Norilsk (2003–2013) 118–125 pdf
Guglielmi A.V., Ruban V.F. To the 120th anniversary of A.L. Chizhevsky's birth 126–133 pdf
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